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Félicitations! Congratulations to all who entered the second annual French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad!

Well done to the highest scorers, who were:

Mehdi BouazizFrance  209
Alex DaviesAustralia  119
Timothy ChappellAustralia  81   (tied)
Angus McInnesAustralia  81   (tied)
Ramana KumarAustralia  80
Elie RotenbergFrance  79
Alex MoonAustralia  77
Milton LimAustralia  76
Kevin PanAustralia  66
Jonathan KummerfeldAustralia  58
Vincent ManuceauFrance  53

The full national ranking (highest first) was:

Fr Au Au=Au Au Fr Au Au Au Au Fr Au Au Au Au Fr Au=Fr Fr Au Au Au Fr=Fr=Fr=Fr=Fr=Au

Congratulations also to the top unofficial competitors, who were:

Patrick ColemanAustralia  204
Karim JouiniTunisia  86

The following graphs show full distributions of the scores for each problem. You may click on each graph to enlarge it.

Mobile Construction Set
Jeu de construction de mobiles
Monkey Tour
Ballade de singe

Thanks and well done to the competitors from both teams!




Mehdi Bouaziz
Lycée Lumière
Taran Ablitt
Mansfield Secondary College
Patrick Coleman
University of Adelaide
Stéphane Caron
Lycée M. Genevoix
Alan Alpert
Brisbane Grammar School
Ahmed Fessi
Vincent Garny
Todd Aspeotis
Brisbane Grammar School
Guilhem Jaber
Lycée la Merci
Benjamin Girault
Lycée Jean Massé - Rennes
Timothy Chappell
Redcliffe State High School
Karim Jouini
Guillaume Koenig
Lycée International des Pontonniers - Strasbourg
Xi Chen
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Lucien Pech
Lycée du Parc
Vincent Manuceau
Lycée Louis Le Grand
Alex Davies
Anglican Church Grammar School
Kévin Perez
Lycée Louis Le Grand
Rufus Garton Smith
John XXIII College
Amaury Pouly
Lycée Massillon - Clermont-Ferrand
Ramana Kumar
Canberra Grammar School
Ismael Riahi
Lycée Pierre-Paul Riquet St-Orens
Jonathan Kummerfeld
Emanuel School
Elie Rotenberg
Lycée Louis Le Grand
Jarrah Lacko
James Ruse Agricultural High School
David Waszek
Lycée Louis Le Grand
Chris Leong
James Ruse
 Milton Lim
James Ruse Agricultural High School
 Angus McInnes
De La Salle College
 Alex Moon
Canberra Grammar School
 Kevin Pan
James Ruse Agricultural High School
 Thavidu Ranatunga
Tuggeranong College
 David Yang
James Ruse Agricultural High School

[*] Unofficial competitors are already studying at university, or are from a different country.


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