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Félicitations! Congratulations to all who entered the fourth annual French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad!

Well done to the highest scorers, who were:

Chris ChenAustralia  299
Jack MurrayAustralia  285
Harry SlatyerAustralia  216
Daniel BergerAustralia  202
Louis JachietFrance  200   (tied)
Alex MathewsAustralia  200   (tied)
Geoffrey HuckFrance  191   (tied)
Jarrah LackoAustralia  191   (tied)
Angus McInnesAustralia  181
Xi ChenAustralia  180   (tied)
Daniel VisentinAustralia  180   (tied)
Victor LeiAustralia  156
Daniel AxtensAustralia  153
Kévin PerezFrance  146
Lucas HosseiniFrance  139
Alexandre CrayssacFrance  136
Willy MaiAustralia  135
Paul KirchnerFrance  127

The full national ranking (highest first) was:

Au Au Au Au Fr=Au Fr=Au Au Au=Au Au Au Fr Fr Fr Au Fr Fr Fr Fr=Fr=Fr=Fr Au Fr=Fr Au Au Fr=Fr=Fr

Congratulations also to the top unofficial competitors, who were:

Patrick ColemanAustralia  322
Jacques-Henri JourdanFrance  268
Amaury PoulyFrance  253

The following graphs show full distributions of the scores for each problem. You may click on each graph to enlarge it.

Rescue robot
Robot sauveteur
Secret chamber of the Giza pyramid
La chambre secrète de la pyramide de Gizeh
Global warming
Réchauffement claimatique

Thanks and well done to the competitors from both teams!




Ismael Belghiti
Lycée Louis-le-Grand
Todd Aspeotis
Brisbane Grammar School
Ahmed Bekkai
Alexandre Crayssac
Lycée Toulouse Lautrec 31
Daniel Axtens
Willetton Senior High School
Patrick Coleman
University of Adelaide
Christophe Desclaux
Lycée Beaussier
Daniel Berger
Moriah College
Ahmed Fessi
Nicolas Fabretti
Chris Chen
Carey Baptist Grammar School
Jacques-Henri Jourdan
Lycée Louis le Grand
Lucas Hosseini
Lycée International des Pontonniers
Xi Chen
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Jonathan Kummerfeld
University of Sydney
Geoffrey Huck
Lycée Frederic Kirschleger - 68
Jarrah Lacko
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Amaury Pouly
Lycée du Parc(Lyon)
Louis Jachiet
Victor Lei
Scotch College
Jill-Jênn Vie
Lycée Thiers
Hugo Kaczmarek
Lycée Louis Le Grand
Willy Mai
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Paul Kirchner
Collège des Matagots
Alex Mathews
Como Secondary Collage
Timothée Lacroix
Angus McInnes
De La Salle College
Jean-Baptiste Larriviere
Lycée Victor Duruy
Jack Murray
De La Salle College Malvern
Gautier Marti
David Roberts
Anglican Church Grammar School
Cédric Moisset
Lycée Sud Médoc-La Boétie
Harry Slatyer
Narrabundah College
Kévin Perez
Lycée Louis Le Grand
Daniel Visentin
Mackillop Catholic College
Mathys Rennela
Groupe Scolaire Fenelon, Vaujours
Joachim Worthington
St. Patrick's College Sutherland
Sochacki Stanislas
Louis le Grand
Paulin de Naurois
Camille Claudel

[*] Unofficial competitors are already studying at university, or are from a different country.


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