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Félicitations! Congratulations to all who entered the sixth annual French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad!

Well done to the highest scorers, who were:

Daniel BergerAustralia  341
Timothée LacroixFrance  328
Ismael BelghitiFrance  246
Simon ForestFrance  243   (tied)
Paul KirchnerFrance  243   (tied)
Kenneth WongAustralia  214
Nicolas DuhamelFrance  204
Melby RuarusNew Zealand  180
Evgeny MartynovAustralia  179
Jamie McCloskeyNew Zealand  174

The full national ranking (highest first) was:

Au Fr Fr Fr=Fr Au Fr Nz Au Nz Au Au Fr Au Au=Au Nz Fr Fr Au Fr Au Fr Nz Au Au Fr Nz=Fr Nz Nz Nz=Fr Fr Nz=Fr Nz

Congratulations also to the top unofficial competitors, who were:

Louis JachietFrance  388
Ronald ChanNew Zealand  336
Nicolas SaladiniFrance  180
Robert BowmakerNew Zealand  135

The following graphs show full distributions of the scores for each problem. You may click on each graph to enlarge it.

Magasin de livres
Toy Factory
Fabrique de jouets
Souvenirs d'enfance
Le monde du parfum

Thanks and well done to the competitors from all teams!



New Zealand


Ismael Belghiti
Lycée Louis-le-Grand
Daniel Berger
Moriah College
Ben Anderson
Feilding High School
Robert Bowmaker
New Zealand
Nicolas Duhamel
Duncan Berry
Taroona High School
Mikhail D'Souza
Pakuranga College
Ronald Chan
New Zealand
Simon Forest
Lycée Lumière
Albert Chen
Scotch College Melbourne
Declan Forrest
Feilding High School
Louis Jachiet
Raphael Gaschignard
Lycée Andre Malraux
Steven Fan
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Azriel Hoh
Pakuranga College
Nicolas Saladini
Collège du Cap - Luri
Georges-Axel Jaloyan
Institution Sainte Marie, Antony
Evgeny Martynov
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Andrew Kampjes
Hamilton Boys High School
Paul Kirchner
Collège des Matagots
Aiden Nibali
Marcellin College
Jamie McCloskey
Unlimited School
Timothée Lacroix
Ben Stott
De La Salle College
Boris Pfahringer
Hamilton Boys High School
Simon Matet
David Tian
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Melby Ruarus
Wellington High School
Mikael Mikael
Lycée Jacques Feyder
Joseph Wang
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Nicholas Walton
Feilding High School
Clément Pit--Claudel
Louis le Grand
Kenneth Wong
James Ruse Agricultural High School
Simon Welsh
Scots College
Jules Pondard
Marcus Wong
North Sydney Boys High School
César Prouté
Lycée Joffre, Montpellier
Dawson Xu
Scotch College
Alexandre Talon
Lycée du parc
Thomas Tellier
Lycée Georges Brassens, Villeneuve-le-Roi
Rodolph Vogt
Lycee Assomption Forges

[*] Unofficial competitors are already studying at university, or are from a different country.


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