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Félicitations! Congratulations to all who entered the tenth annual French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad!

The highest official scores were:

Ray LiAustralia  280
Tony SunNew Zealand  240
Michael ChenAustralia  240
Ishraq HudaAustralia  239
Jules PondardFrance  200
Théophil BastianFrance  163
David SaulpicFrance  161
Nicholas LaverAustralia  152
Austin TankiangAustralia  152
Sylvain ChironFrance  125

The full national ranking of non-zero scores (highest first) was:

Au Au=Nz Au Nz Fr Fr Fr Au=Au Fr Au=Au=Fr Au=Au=Au=Nz=Au=Bg Au Au Au Fr Bg=Bg Au Fr Nz Au=Bg=Bg=Bg Au Au=Bg=Bg

Thanks and well done to the competitors from all teams!

The following graphs show full distributions of non-zero scores for each problem. You may click on each graph to enlarge it.

Algo-FuSuper MariaTorusia

A total of 63 students participated in the 2013 FARIO. There were 27 Australian contestants, 11 French contestants, 15 Belgian contestants and 6 New Zealand contestants. Congratulations to unofficial contestant Logan Glasson who scored 215.

Contact: fario@orac.amt.edu.au