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Félicitations! Congratulations to all who entered the fourteenth annual French-Australian Regional Informatics Olympiad!

The highest official scores were:

Arthur LeonardFrance215
Richard GongAustralia214
Théophane VallaeysFrance176
Killian DengrevilleFrance165
Jerry MaoAustralia145
Adrien VannsonFrance134
Sam ParkinsonAustralia122
Alexandre KirchmeyerFrance120
Angus RitossaAustralia120
Charles JamesonAustralia120
Daniel ChoiAustralia120
Hugo JacobFrance120
Jacob SmithAustralia120
Malo JaffréFrance120
Seungje JungNew Zealand120

The full national ranking of non-zero scores (highest first) was:

Fr Au Fr Fr Au Fr Au Fr=Au=Au=Au=Fr=Au=Fr=Nz Fr Au Au Fr Au=Au=Au=Au=Fr=Au=Au=Bg=Au=Fr=Fr=Au=Au=Au=Au=Fr=Nz=Nz Bg Fr=Au=Fr=Fr=Au=Au=Au=Fr=Au=Au Bg Fr=Au=Fr=Au Nz=Bg

Thanks and well done to the competitors from all teams!

A total of 62 students officially participated in the 2017 FARIO. There were 30 Australian contestants, 21 French contestants, 5 Belgian contestants and 6 New Zealand contestants.

Contact: fario@orac.amt.edu.au