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The AIIO was held for the first time in 2006, and is now held every February. Entry is by invitation only, and the final results (as well as the FARIO results in March) are used to select the fifteen participants for the AIOC Selection School in April. At the end of the April school, a final four are selected to become the Australian team for the International Olympiad in Informatics.

For further information on the Australian Informatics Olympiad programme, including the open contests and other events that precede the AIIO, please see the Australian programme overview.

For results of past AIIOs, please follow the links in the table below.

YearHighest ScoreResults
2019 (14 February) Angus Ritossa (300) Full results
2017 (9 February) Richard Gong, Jerry Mao (300) Full results
2016 (11 February) Richard Gong, Jerry Mao, Declan McDonell (300) Full results
2015 (12 February) Ishraq Huda and Michael Chen (300) Full results
2014 (13 February) Ishraq Huda and Ray Li (300) Full results
2013 (14 February) Michael Chen, Ishraq Huda, Oliver Fisher, Joshua Lau,
Nicholas Laver, Ray Li, James Payor, Daniel Phillips,
Tony Sun, Austin Tankiang (300)
Full results
2012 (16 February) Michael Chen, Nicholas Laver, Joshua Lau, Tony Sun (300) Full results
2011 (17 February) Robert Newey, Tony Sun, Dawson Xu (300) Full results
2010 (18 February) Duncan Berry, Luke Harrison,
Evgeny Martynov, Jamie McCloskey (300)
Full results
2009 (19 February) Evgeny Martynov (240) Full results
2008 (18 February) Jarrah Lacko & Jack Murray (300) Full results
2007 (15 February) Christopher Chen (300) Full results
2006 (16 February) Christopher Chen (212) Full results


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