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Australian Invitational Informatics Olympiad 2014

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Congratulations to all who entered the ninth AIIO on 13 February, 2014! The highest scorers were:

Ishraq Huda (Year 11)James Ruse Agricultural High, NSW100100100300
Ray Li (Year 12)James Ruse Agricultural High, NSW100100100300
Michael Chen (Year 11)Scotch College, VIC10010058258
Jerry Mao (Year 8)Caulfield Grammar School, VIC10010040240
Daaron Chiu (Year 12)James Ruse Agricultural High, NSW10010030230
Oliver Fisher (Year 12)Normanhurst Boys High, NSW10010030230
Declan McDonnell (Year 10)Normanhurst Boys High, NSW1001000200
Adrian Goldwaser (Year 12)Melbourne High, VIC1005030180
Austin Tankiang (Year 12)North Sydney Boys High, NSW1005030180
Daniel Phillips (Year 12)Normanhurst Boys High, NSW100750175
Matt Stark (Year 12)Chatswood High, NSW1003030160
Keeley Hoek (Year 11)Burgmann Anglican School, ACT505030130
Oliver Scarlet (Year 12)Penrith High, NSW10000100
Sahan Fernando (Year 11)North Sydney Boys High, NSW10000100
Greg Omelaenko (Year 11)North Sydney Boys High, NSW10303070
Linh TaAuckland International College, NZ5001262
Tate KenningtonJames Hargest College, NZ5001262

Congratulations also to unofficial entrant Alan Ansell who scored 300.

A total of 37 official and 2 unofficial competitors sat the AIIO 2014.


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