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The Australian informatics program is run by the Australian Maths Trust.


In each problem, you should write code that reads input and prints output. When you submit your code, the training site will automatically run it on several secret test cases. For each test case, your code's output is compared to the correct output, and you will receive one of the following verdicts:


Test cases are grouped into subtasks, and each subtask has a specified number of points that all add up to 100. You must correctly solve every test case in a subtask to score the points for that subtask. This means that failing just a single test case will cause you to earn 0 points for a subtask. If you receive the "Partially Correct" verdict, your score for a subtask is the minimum score earned for a test case in that subtask.

When you make multiple submissions, your score for a subtask is your maximum score for this subtask across all of your submissions. Your score for a problem is the sum of your scores in each subtask.

Supported Programming Languages

You may submit code in the following languages: